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Find Your Path to Peace

You’ve been feeling anxious, stressed, or simply exhausted. When everyday life starts to feel like a struggle, your relationships become strained and you don’t know what to do, you don’t have to settle with unhappiness. J Hoffman Therapy offers LGBTQIA+ - affirming, evidence-based therapy for trauma, anxiety, trauma, and stress management for men and women

in Farmington and across Connecticut.

Less pain. More hope.
A better tomorrow.

Therapy for Trauma & Anxiety
& Couples Counseling
in Farmington, CT 

Now Licensed in NY & CT
In-person & Telehealth
Accept Aetna & UBH Insurance

My Services

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Understand how your brain reacts to old and current triggers and find new ways of coping. 


Regain your confidence, your energy, and inject life back into your relationships.

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Find peace with the present instead of dwelling on past or future worries.

How can therapy help me?

You wouldn't be here now if some part of you didn't think that things could, and should, be better. Seeking support doesn't mean you're weak. It means some part of you recognizes hard things sometimes require a little extra attention and care.

At J Hoffman Therapy, I offer a collaborative approach to finding the right solution that fits your unique needs. Certified in EMDR and Hypnotherapy and trained in Gottman Method (level 2), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), we will find ways to cope with anxiety and depression and address your trauma and stress in a neuroscientific and evidence-based way. You can count on me to be truly present in each appointment while listening to your concerns.

While talking through things can alleviate some stress, my goal is to help you feel that you've got the tools you need to move forward. Through my therapy and counseling services, you will:


  • Learn to communicate more effectively

  • Learn effective coping methods for anxiety and depression

  • Gain an understanding of how the brain works

  • Recognize many different ways you can think and feel differently about yourself

  • See that you have choices

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Have more confidence & say "no" unapologetically

Don't wait to seek the support you need to begin working toward a better tomorrow. Schedule a free initial consultation today.

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Hi, I'm


Having lived my own journey of pain and healing (a work in progress), I fully understand what genuine support and a skilled therapist can do to turn things around for the better. I became a therapist to help others who want and need a change in their life. If you've ever felt broken, overwhelmed by doubt and uncertainty, or that life is out of your control, I can provide you with the guidance you need for relief.

No matter your experience, the goal is to heal.

Whether you’re dealing with anxiety from overwhelming stress due to a difficult life transition, depression in the aftermath of a traumatic situation, or an uncertain source of pain you can't quite figure out, you have help here. I get it — opening up to someone about what you’re going through can be hard to do. My goal is to make you feel comfortable while you regain the peace and confidence you know is missing. I can help you to envision a better you and create a roadmap to guide you out of the pain and into some peace of mind.

From unsettling career changes to divorce, daily battles with depression or other stressors, I’ve helped many people just like you take back control of their life. No matter what brings you to my practice, I’m dedicated to resolving your issues. We’ll laugh, swear, and work together until you feel like yourself again. The last years made it abundantly clear that access to therapy is necessary — which is why I also offer telehealth appointments. Whether we’re meeting in person or electronically, our connection is my top priority. You’re welcome to reach out for a free consultation to get to know more about me before scheduling your first appointment.

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"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."

-- Carl Jung

J Hoffman Therapy | Trauma & Stress Therapy, Anxiety Counseling, and Relationship Help in Farmington, CT

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