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You experience different expectations in the world than women — be tough, man-up, don't cry, don't feel. And now in the world, you get conflicting messages. You're more confused than ever. Want to know what I tell my female clients? 


Men feel too. Men want love, healthy relationships, and worry as much as women do.

Men have their own pressures and ways of being that make them different from women, but our goals are often the same.

I'm here to listen...

Maybe you have had an abusive past, experienced pain, shame and self-loathing. Men may show it differently. Sometimes they try to bury it and hide it. Sometimes it shows itself in addictions or anger. As much as we are different genders and get different messages from society, men and women have many of the same internal experiences. 


I'm here for you...


You deserve a scared space to really let yourself be seen, to practice expressing yourself in a way that helps you feel accepted. Therapy can be a great place to achieve change (without judgement). Do something good for yourself. Reach out today.

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