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... you deserve to love yourself. 

I bet I know one thing you're really good at...blaming yourself​.

Sound familiar?

You're pretty certain your experiences, choices, and mistakes all lead to the core of "there's something wrong with me." And you can find backup on that anytime you look. Maybe you have been hurt in relationships, maybe you've done things that hurt yourself... maybe both. Maybe you grew up in a home where you didn't feel appreciated, or understood, or safe. Maybe you are wondering who you could be if things just went more right once in a while. Maybe you feel like you have done well in some areas of your life, but others are still unfulfilled and stuck. You are tired of working so hard and feeling like no one ever shows up for you.


That's when a little support would go a long way. Women value relationships. Women
need connection; and our world is set up to keep us separated, distant, and competitive
with each other.


Girl... I got you. 

Let's find a way to turn that self-blame into self-care, that I'm not good enough into I'm a badass, that she's so much better than me into I love myself regardless...

No matter where you are on the journey — we can find the way to better, together.

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