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Services for Therapists & Career Professionals in Farmington, CT

Consultation for Professionals

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Case Consultation

Have a difficult case? Feel stuck with a client? Interested in refining your EMDR skills? Is it time to take the next step to getting certified?


While EMDR is very scripted, it is also very nuanced. We need trust in ourselves in order for our clients to trust us and the healing to truly manifest. 


I find the Basic EMDR Training can lead therapists down a path of fear and self-doubt. There are many things not covered in the training that can keep you from fully immersing yourself in using this modality. Or you immerse yourself in the protocol, but lose confidence in your intuition. Borrowing from Deany Laliotis' Relational theory and Parts work, my goal is to help therapists reconnect to their clinical intuition within the framework of the standard protocol.

As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, I can offer you expert advice on cases that will also count toward the 20 required consultation hours for certification. 


I also offer case consultation (EMDR or CBT/RET) to colleagues for advanced focus on a variety of topics from case conceptualization to special populations and protocols such as: attachment, dissociation, panic disorder, performance, etc.

  • Individual and group consultation sessions available via telephone/video

Contact me to discuss scheduling. $135 per hour  (invite a colleague and share the cost)

Career Consultation

Or maybe you are ready to make the leap to private practice and don't know where to start? (Been There!) Or you need more practical business skills to your entrpreneurial game?

With over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur and social worker, I have a good understanding of the fundamentals of running a successful business. From marketing to systems, financials and self-care; there is more than just couch time involved in our work. Make sure you have all the basics in place so you can be successful. You didn't leave that agency just to struggle some more!

Contact me to discuss scheduling/pricing.

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Are you working toward your Licensure?


As a former school social worker and private therapist, I can provide solid expertise around both host agency and individual delivery of services. I have experience working with trauma and dissociation and CBT, RET and EMDR treatment modalities with children and adults.​

I provide consultation to graduates seeking to earn their clinical social work license. Licensing in Connecticut requires 100 individual supervised hours.

  • $135 per in-person or online session

Contact me to discuss scheduling.

Busiess & Career
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