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Couples Therapy & Relationship Counseling

How do we keep our relationships happy, healthy, and thriving? Many people think you have to be lucky or pick a perfect partner. The truth is, nobody's perfect, but we can build a 'perfect' relationship for us--messy and beautiful. The secret is in being willing to do the work. 

As a trained Gottman (Level 2) and trauma-informed therapist, I can help you develop tools and awareness to keep you on track toward a fulfilling relationship. 


Relationship work can mean many things: from friendships, to coworkers and bosses, to parenting and stepparenting, the goals are the same. Learn better communication, become aware of your own triggers that cause relationships to erode, learn how to make repair, be present. 

Let's get started on the road to healthy, thriving connections!

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Developing a Strong Foundation

There are different reasons to enter couples therapy or do relationship work:

  1. Get to know yourself better, so you can date from a place of empowerment with solid boundaries and communication skills.

  2. Couples therapy sessions early in a partnership are a great opportunity to:

  • Get to know each other better

  • Determine whether or not you have similar relationship and life goals

  • Address areas of potential conflict before they cause issues

  • Work together to develop healthy boundaries

   3. Couples counseling can also help if there is a big life transition coming up:

  • Managing retirement

  • Dealing with a major illness​

  • Empty Nesting

  • Blending families


  4. Repairing a Damaged Relationship. Learning to heal the past and move forward:

  • After infidelity

  • From effects of trauma

Start Having Better Days & Take Back Control of Your Life

What can relationship therapy do for me?

When you choose to work with an experienced relationship therapist, you'll gain a strong supporter who will guide you through the process of developing healthier connections. The goal of counseling is to help you get to a place where you have the energy and motivation to keep working towards your goals, enjoy your relationships again, and feel good about yourself and the direction your life is taking.

As an LGBTQIA+ affirming therapist, I also understand the differences between hetero- and non-hetero relationships. I have helped those struggling in gay, lesbian and poly relationships and understand the different challenges that arise in each. 

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Feel GOOD again...

Choose J Hoffman Therapy | Couples Counseling & Relationship Therapy Services in Farmington, CT

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Some struggle in relationships is inevitable,

but you don’t need to live with feeling unsatisfied. Let's get started.

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