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Empowering Overwhelmed
Working Moms

Stressed Woman
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Are you an overwhelmed and depleted working mom?! 

Are you juggling a million things at once? Of course you are!


You’re pulled in a million directions allll the time. You feel like there is a demand or need from somebody at every turn. Your partner complains you’re not there for them enough, it feels like the kids just take and take, your boss is 'understanding' or 'flexible' but you’re always worried you're taking advantage. Long story short, you just can't give anything 100% and you feel guilty, exhausted and stuck. You soothe yourself with wine and reality TV, but let’s be honest, all the while you’re thinking "when does anyone ever show up for me???"


I totally get it! I specialize in helping working moms find balance and fulfillment in their lives.


All our lives we’ve been conditioned that, as women, it’s our job to look after everyone else and if we’re not doing that then we’re failing. Professional women get even more guilt thrown on them, especially if they’re moms, because society is still structured as if women should be the homemakers. If they’re not able to clean the house, look after the kids and do all the other million things they ‘should’ be doing and bring home the bacon, then they’re failing at life and it’s all their fault! Don't get me started on the patriarchy, our expectations of men and the lack of women supporting women.


But guess what? You're not alone, and there's hope for healing and growth.

As a mom myself, I know firsthand the struggles of trying to be superwoman while dealing with her own stuff. I know the guilt and even shame of feeling judged and misunderstood for always falling short. I also know what it's like to raise a challenging child as a single mom with little support (he's 29 now). And after all that, I've now become stepmom to FOUR! kids ages 9-14! I toooootally get it.

I offer a unique blend of trauma-informed therapy and life coaching that's LGBTQ+ affirming. I understand what happens when we are parenting kids who have had their own trauma or negative experiences or who have challenging behaviors. I understand the issues that arise from our own negative past experiences affecting our parenting and relationships. Ohhh, how we doubt ourselves, feel tremendous guilt and very alone. 

I've worked with youth in a variety of settings including as a school social worker for 16 years. I have been trained and educated to the complexities of ASD, ADHD, other behavioral issues and mental illness as well as the effects of trauma on the developing brain. I don't work with youth anymore, because I find it's the moms who need the most support. And I want you to have what I never got. You shouldn't have to feel like you're carrying the emotional weight for the family. You know the cycle of mini breakdowns in the shower and too much wine isn't a sustainable coping strategy. 

That's why I'm here to provide a safe and supportive space where you can explore the impact of your past and present and learn how to overcome those challenges, get the support you need from someone who gets it and hot minute to yourself for self-care and self-compassion. Let's kick those negative patterns and feelings to the curb!

And for my LGBTQ+ working moms out there or parents of queer kids, I want you to know that I celebrate and embrace your unique experiences. This is a judgment-free zone where you can be your authentic self and get the support you need.

I've got your back. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of parenting tough kids, balancing our relationships and work to create a nurturing environment for both you and subsequently your family. We will also look at developing better systems for organization and efficiency. 

Let’s uncover that light burning bright within you and get you feeling like the amazing woman you already are. I know you don’t believe it yet. You think there’s something wrong with you since you can’t find your way to satisfaction with your relationship, your parenting, your job or even your body. 


Not only am I a therapist, but I'm also a life coach. That means we'll dive deep into personal growth, set meaningful goals, and work towards creating a kick-ass life that's aligned with your values. It's time to prioritize self-care, self-forgiveness, find balance, and rediscover your passions.

So, if you're ready to reclaim your sanity, find your inner strength, and rock the working mom life, reach out to me below. Let's start this transformative journey together now!

Can't wait to connect with you!



I know what it feels like:

To lose myself in relationships

To not value myself enough

To feel like an imposter or a fraud

To believe I’m not good enough

To think, who am I to think I can....

I don’t have all my sh*t together all the time. If I said I did, I’d be lying, so I’m not going to promise that at the end of this you’ll be farting glitter and frolicking through the daisies singing ‘tra la la’ because you’re suddenly filled with hope and joy and all the doubt is magically gone! It doesn’t work like that. I still get filled with self-doubt and fear, and sometimes it overcomes me because I’m human. We are not perfect creatures. We make mistakes, we do the wrong thing and we are very hard on ourselves when we do.


I can’t promise all the answers. What I can promise, is a safe place to work it all out.


Let me share my simple solutions for how you can learn to give yourself permission to find that confidence in yourself and own it.


If you’re not sure if this is the right thing for you or if this is what you really need, then you can book a 30-minute call with me (completely free) and we can talk through some of your worries and concerns before you commit to anything. Let me take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Are you ready to feel fierce?


It’s time to take back the control over your life and invest in you. You absolutely deserve it.


 can’t wait to go on that journey with you.

Work with Me

owner, Jennifer Hoffman
What's the difference between coaching and therapy?

"Therapists treat mental illness and bring you back to a baseline. Coaches build mental fitness and help you thrive above the baseline."

Therapy spends more time in the past looking at what has influenced us and made us show up the way we are in life. Therapy helps us gain insight and learn new ways of coping.

Coaching assumes we have done a lot of the work on the past and we are ready to 'uplevel'. Sort of like when you've been working out at the gym and feeling good about it, but decide to get a personal trainer to help you be even better.

Coaching and therapy are similar in some ways like: it can be time-limited and goal-oriented, but 1:1 coaching tends to me more structured to 8-12 sessions paid up front with specific goals or curriculum/methodology to follow. Therapy can meander more and take as long as the client wants with less structure. Paid session by session, therapy clients can become less committed to the process.

The other difference is that coaching isn't covered by insurance and is partially regulated by the International Coaching Federation. There are no licensing or education requirements for coaching though. So having a licensed therapist, is an advantage over the many coaches out there who are just "self-taught."

We can talk about which method would be best for you when you book a free exploration call. 

Coaching Services

Does this sound like you...?

  • I try my best, but I always feel guilty, like I never have enough to give to all the things

  • I’m depleted, taking care of everything and everyone and feeling unappreciated

  • I’m trying to change myself to make my partner or kids happier, but it's never enough

  • I beat myself up, because I can’t seem to put myself first without feeling guilt.

  • I can't say no, everyone needs something from me all the time.

  • I feel stressed, frustrated and exhausted

Boss Mug
Support Groups

1:1 Coaching

Group Monthly Membership

Not feeling like the badass I already know you are?


It’s time to change that.

Let’s uncover that light burning bright within you and get you feeling like the amazing woman you already are.


I know you don’t believe it yet. You think there’s something wrong with you since you can’t find the ideal in your personal, professional life or feel good in your body.

I can’t guarantee Beyoncé results, but I can guarantee you will feel so much better about yourself and free of the barriers keeping you feeling small and yucky.

You’re ready for some real growth work. You’re committed to change and want to feel successful in your mind, body, and relationships.

I use my 18 years of experience as a skilled therapist and my wisdom of 50+ years to give you a comprehensive coaching experience.

I take the time to hear your story-past and present-and your dreams for the future. Our time working together will be goal-oriented and created for your unique needs and wants. I bring my experience as a coach trained by Martha Beck (life coach to Oprah) and all my skills as a therapist to zero in on what is getting in the way.

Typically, it looks like clearing out the old messaging, reworking what’s holding you back, and making sure you have ways to move forward with more self-love and self-compassion. Knowing yourself better and releasing past negative experiences will bring you to the new level you have been wanting for so long. 


You’ll walk away with more confidence, and more appreciation of your bright, beautiful self!

Loving yourself means you can bring your A-game to each and every relationship and responsibility. You’ll have more confidence, better boundaries, and a new outlook.


We will meet every other week for twelve

90-minute sessions. I use Marco Polo to stay in touch as often as you need between sessions. 

Are you tired of feeling drained in your mind and body? Tired of feeling alone with all the feels?


It’s time to burn brighter, babe!

Come be a part of a community of like-minded, professional women. 


We will meet once a week for 60-minutes to discuss a topic from the 3 S's framework above. 

1. Get some support from an experienced therapist and coach and group of women who get it.


2. Learn what true self-care is including self-compassion and self-acceptance and find what works for you.


3. Learn ways to get and stay organized, manage time and the multitude of tasks on your plate.


4. Get coached. Spend some time in the spotlight getting some individualized support.


You’ll learn, you’ll be supported and you’ll walk away feeling inspired, more confident, and more grounded.


It'll be the best hour of your week!

$37 monthly subscription. Cancel anytime.

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Jenn's anxiety workbook on Etsy was super helpful. In sessions, she knows so much and always seems to say exactly what I need to hear."


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