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Maybe you feel like things from the past still come up for you. You're tired of feeling alone. You're hurting and feel ready for some change. I'm ready to work hard if you are.

My Background

My Purpose

Helping others is my purpose and I look forward to it each day. It's a far cry from that cubicle. Ultimately, I think the healing starts with the connection. So many of us feel misunderstood, invalidated, unappreciated. We have had experiences and people in our lives that made us believe we are never good enough, or normal or just okay. I'm here to listen to your story and be present for you.


Being the Change

I love learning and I am always seeking more knowledge to help you heal. I consult monthly with experts in the field of EMDR and Dissociation and attend monthly peer supervision groups. I also invest in yearly trainings that will help me bring more to the 'therapeutic table' and I seek my own awareness from the practice of meditation and studying Buddhism. I have 16 years experience as a school social worker and 14 years in private practice. I have been trained in Rational Emotive therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness, and I became Certified in EMDR in 2018.


I give back by volunteering once a month at a local food pantry, and also by donating monthly to Women for Women International — where I sponsor marginalized women in third world countries to create sustainable change for themselves and their families. 

Choose J Hoffman Therapy for a Better Tommorow

My professional experience coupled with my own life experiences gives me wisdom, understanding, empathy and a genuine approachability. I believe in the freedom that comes from getting to know ourselves better, and the acceptance of ourselves that helps us to live more fully. Let's do this! Call today!

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