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 Relationship Counseling in Farmington, CT

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How do we keep our relationships happy, healthy, and thriving? Many people think you have to be lucky or pick a perfect partner. The truth is, nobody's perfect, but we can build a 'perfect' relationship for us--messy, yet beautiful. The secret is being willing to do the work. 

As a trained Gottman (Level 2) and trauma-informed therapist, I can help you develop tools and awareness to keep you on track toward a fulfilling relationship. 


Relationship work can mean many things: from friendships, to coworkers and bosses, to parenting and stepparenting, the goals are the same. Learn better communication, become aware of your own triggers that cause relationships to erode, learn how to make repair, be present. 

Let's get started on the road to healthy, thriving connections!

What is Relationship Counseling?

Relationships are a wild ride, aren't they?

We humans crave connection, love, and those warm fuzzy feelings that come with it. But let's be real for a second – relationships can be downright tough. I've lost count of how many times I've heard clients say, "I'd be better off alone." And hey, in cases of abuse, I couldn't agree more. But here's the thing: human beings are wired for connection. Being alone can wreak havoc on our immune systems, our nervous systems, and even our longevity.

Sure, flying solo might seem easier at times, but being in a healthy relationship? That's where the real magic happens. It challenges us, pushes us out of our comfort zones, and ultimately helps us grow into the best versions of ourselves. Plus, let's not forget about the fun, fulfillment, and purpose that come with sharing your life with someone special.

But let's be real – even the strongest relationships hit rough patches from time to time. That's where relationship counseling comes in. It provides a trusty roadmap to navigate the twists and turns of your relationship journey.

Whether you're butting heads over finances, clashing on parenting styles, blending families, or struggling to keep the spark alive in the bedroom, relationship counseling equips you and your partner with the tools and resources you need to tackle your differences head-on.

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There's also other issues that can throw a wrench in even the most rock-solid relationships. Differing values, beliefs, and cultural or spiritual implications can cause major strain and challenges within the relationship – but fear not, there are strategies to help you navigate them like a pro.

So, who might benefit from relationship counseling? Well, truth be told, any couple can find themselves in need of a little extra support now and then. But there are some telltale signs that it might be time to reach out for help. If poor communication has you feeling more like roommates than soulmates, or past betrayals have rocked the foundation of your relationship, counseling could be just what you need to get back on track. 

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), couples counseling is like a secret weapon for relationships, with over 75% of couples in the United States reporting positive outcomes. From improving communication and connection to establishing healthier boundaries and working through trust issues, couples counseling covers all the bases. 

You don't need to wait until there are problems though. Relationship counseling can be very helpful before cohabiting, getting married or blending families. Often, people overlook exploring the essential issues before there are conflicts and misunderstandings. Defining gender roles, household and parenting responsibilities, managing finances, religion, sexual preferences and fantasies, what constitutes cheating, etc. are all important topics to flesh out before making bigger commitments.


Sadly, few of us are able to brave these conversations with our intimate partners, either because we lack the skills or the courage. A trained clinician can help facilitate both.

So, if you're ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the work, couples counseling could be the game-changer your relationship has been waiting for. Let's dive in together and start building a stronger, happier partnership today.

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Developing a Strong Foundation

There are different reasons to enter couples therapy or do relationship work:​

  1. To get to know yourself better, so you can date from a place of empowerment with solid boundaries and communication skills.

  2. Couples therapy sessions early in a partnership are a great chance to:

  • Get to know each other better

  • Determine whether or not you have similar relationship and life goals

  • Address areas of potential conflict before they cause issues

  • Work together to develop healthy boundaries

   3. Couples counseling can also help upcoming big life transitions:

  • Managing retirement

  • Dealing with a major illness​

  • Empty Nesting

  • Blending families

  4. Repairing a Damaged Relationship. Heal the past and move forward:

  • After infidelity

  • From the effects of trauma

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Take a Closer Look at the Research

Dr. John Gottman's research on couples skills and needs
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