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New Group Forming for Women and Relationships

EmpowerHER Group:
🌟 A Journey to Self-Discovery and
Fulfilling Relationships!🌟

women holding hands

Begin a transformative journey with EmpowerHER, an exclusive group designed for women seeking to enhance their relationships with themselves and others.

What to Expect:

Holistic Approach-

Dive into a comprehensive exploration of your relationship with yourself and others, guided by an experienced facilitator-ME!

Skill-Building Sessions: Each week, we focus on a different aspect – from self-love to effective communication to setting boundaries – equipping you with valuable skills to navigate life's relationships confidently.

Coaching Spotlight-

Benefit from personalized coaching sessions once a month where a selected member can address specific challenges, gain insights, and receive guidance tailored to your unique journey with the support of the group.

Small Group Dynamics- 

Limited to 8 participants per group to ensure an intimate and supportive atmosphere.

Private Facebook group to foster more community. (optional)

Online Convenience-

Join us from the comfort of your home or office via our secure online platform. Sessions are ongoing, providing continuous support and growth.


Investment in Yourself-


Only $25 per person per week, making self-improvement accessible and affordable.

Limited Spots:

Secure your spot today as we cap each group at 8 participants, fostering a close-knit community.


Why EmpowerHER?
   - Create lasting connections with like-minded women.
   - Develop practical skills for self-love and meaningful relationships.
   - Receive personalized coaching in a supportive group setting.


Next Session Starts Soon - Reserve Your Spot Now!
   - To enroll or inquire, simply click the Let's Get Started Button to set up a consult call.
   - Payment details and additional information will be provided upon registration.

Join EmpowerHER – where empowerment meets sisterhood, and the journey to self-discovery begins! 

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