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7 Reasons I Love Being Organized

Updated: Apr 27

People who know me well, and, especially those who live with me, often hear me say “everything has a place and everything in its place!” I know it can be annoying for my loved ones to hear me say it while they are searching for cell phones and keys, but hey, am I wrong? Being organized doesn’t just feel like adulting, it makes space in your life and your mind.

Here are some reasons I love staying organized:

1. It reduces stress

This may seem like the obvious first answer, but many may not realize what stress they put themselves through by running late, looking everywhere for lost items, asking around and scrambling to get going.

2. It makes me feel confident

I like starting my day with a routine. The same routine pretty much each day. Coffee in bed, journaling, meditating and then make my bed and start the rest of the day. I also prep for the morning the night before. My laptop always goes to the desk and gets charged, my work bag and other bags are in the same spot, my lunch is in the fridge already prepped, my keys hang on the same hook near the door. This allows me to start my day feeling good about myself and not frustrated by the time I’ve wasted rushing or getting down on myself for not being ready to go.

3. It makes room in my head for other more important or creative thinking

Another cliché I love is “a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind.” When our environment is tidy and organized we are afforded room to think about other things that matter more. Since we absorb information through the optic nerve, imagine what overwhelm or overload our brain is trying to process when it sees piles of laundry and bills and catalogs and toys everywhere! I love nothing more than coming home from work to a tidy, cozy space. Knowing I can transition from the work day in a calm environment makes all the difference.

4. I’m a nicer person

When I start my day without stress, and I come home to an organized space, I am already carrying less tension. I can focus on making dinner, or connecting with the kids without being distracted by clutter or annoying tasks. This makes me a better parent and partner, which in turn makes my family happier. Win-Win.

5. Increased productivity

I may be repeating myself, but the more organized we are, the more we can conquer in a day. If the kids put their laundry in the same spots, if all devices are charged in one spot overnight, if I put all my bills on auto-pay; I am saving time and money. I’m avoiding unnecessary arguments, time looking for things, late fees and bank charges and more.

6. Better ability to pivot

Once you have some systems established in your household, it goes on autopilot. When you do the same chores, tasks, etc. around the same time and day, it creates a rhythm and flow that everyone can adapt to. It takes away the nagging, the negotiating, and other time-wasting behavior. It also allows for crises and inevitable, unpredictable changes to happen without much issue. Everyone involved in these systems already knows what needs to happen if you need to hand over the reigns. This also means you can take a break, leave the fam for a weekend, etc., and not worry about nothing getting done and coming home to more work.

7. Makes for happier, more confident children

Children actually build confidence from having age-appropriate chores, routines and expectations. We have four kids and each one knows what to do each day. Everyone makes their bed, gets dressed, makes breakfast and brushes teeth. Each child then has their own chore like feeding the dog, or gathering trash. And then they have their bigger weekly chores. Yes, they need reminders and cues, but they move around the house doing these things with some pride. (I know, weird, right?) And when the floor starts getting cluttered with socks and toys, we have cubes to throw it in that will be cleaned out each week. A child that sees they are capable of managing some of these things, grows up to be a capable college student, and then a confident worker and adult.

So these are just some of the reasons being organized is one of my favorite things. For more suggestions or help getting yourself organized, reach out to me here.

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